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Bible crafts for children's ministry, Christian education, Messy church, homeschooling, sunday school, family time, Bible clubs, afterschool clubs, holiday clubs, VBS, Awanas, Guiding asscoations, boys and girls brigade or anywhere

About this site

Do you struggle doing arts and crafts? Does your heart start to beat faster and your palms start to sweat when someone asks you to put on a craft time? Do you spend your Saturday nights wildly searching the internet with crazed square eyes, desperately looking for an idea that does not involve yet another paper plate?

If so, then this is the site for you (but you can also use it if you do like arts and crafts). You don't have to invent, you don't have to stress. You do have to prepare but here's a tip.....GIVE THE PREPARATION TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO ACTUALLY LIKES ARTS AND CRAFTS. Make it a church event. Call it a cutting party and have praise music and tea and biscuits (I'm British).

Each craft comes with templates and step by step instructions with photographs. I am also working towards putting up how-to videos for each activity. It is designed for beginners as well as experts. All the crafts have suggestions on how to make them shorter and simpler if you have younger children or less time in the session.

Many people prefer something in a book format rather than on a website. However, a book or series of books with the amount of material there is on this site would be very expensive for the user. People often struggle with looking at a computer screen, because of the glare. To overcome this, all of the instruction sheets on this website are printable, so you can print the pages as you go, and put them in a ring binder. You can make your own book. Handy! And you can even decorate the ring binder if you feel inclined.

So, where can you use the crafts on this website? Well, any setting where the Bible is being taught to children such home schooling, family time, religious education classes, church events, Sunday school, Bible class, away days, play sessions, parties, VBS, holiday clubs, Bible clubs, Awanas, Scout and Guiding associations, and anywhere at all actually.

The aim of the site is to have craft activities which cover the whole Bible, not just the well known bits. So, lots more to come very soon