Wise owl library

A series of Books designed to teach the book of proverbs to children


Matthew mouse

The story of Matthew Mouse is to help teach children principles of proverbs, and this story is a lesson is about avoiding bad company


Sir Lived A lot 

and the quest for the golden happy face

Sir Lived A lot is a story about searching for what truly matters.

you can download the PDF for you Sunday school or children's event click here.

Or if you would like a paperback version you can buy it on amazon by clicking the icon on the bottom left or  

click here

Interview with UCB






An interview that I had recently on United Christian Broadcasters about my book collection

Not frozen jelly

Not frozen jelly is the first in a series of book looking at emotions from a biblical perspective 


Good cop Bad cop

This is my latest book Good cop Bad cop. about people who are looking at the worst and those who only look at the best.


teaching to teach 

unique props form things around the house

This video is an Introduction to creating memorable props from things around the house that does not require expensive pay-outs and don't need to use them over and over again


Sir Lived Alot

The Sir loved alot series that help us teach one of the hardest books to teach Ecclesiastes to children


Daisy Dirt

A story about the trasforming love of God in our lives


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